NLPINDIA is committed to sponsoring and managing research projects in NLP:

There are several advantages to doing research with NLPIndia particularly in India, they are:

2. We keep costs extremely low by exchanging training for research work with our volunteers. 

3. India has the largest English speaking population in the world.

4.  We don't have any need to invest in Liability insurance in India. This country is known for its non-litigious value system. 

5. We ensure that the project is tied into multiple outcomes making the project feasible & sustainable.

5. We manage the projects with the funds that are available and if need be supplement the costs with our own earnings. 

If there are any research projects that you are interested in doing in NLP and you are looking for an execution partner or a research partner or a sponsor then please write to me at

Past Research Project

In 2019 as part of the CT Coaches Program myself Krish. Srikanth and Dinesh Braganza S.J, Ph.D in conjuntion with Connirae Andreas, the creator of Core Transformation, ran one of the largest research projects in NLP. The research article is still awaiting publication in academic journals. The gist of our findings are given below

Brief view of findings from CT Associate Coaches Program. 

This is from a final sample of 493 participants who completed the measures at pre-test and four weeks after the CT session, at post-test. 

From a cursory glance at the data, there are statistically significant improvements across all the measures: i.e.  Participants subjective rating of: How much of a problem is it; how frequent; how intense? On all three of these, there were large sized improvements.

There was a significant but small improvement in people's rating on spirituality.

There was a large sized improvement in emotional stability (which measures personality), small improvement in positive affect, and moderate sized improvement in negative affect.

There were moderate sized improvements in scores on depression, anxiety, stress, and overall global well-being.

These results are similar to those which were published in the earlier research last year, but have a much larger sample size, multiple CT guides, and a wider range of participants and issues.

We emphasize that these effect size improvements were obtained mostly by a single session of CT. Other treatment modalities like CBT and MBSR / mindfulness practice require multiple sessions to register a similar effect. 

Kindly note that these results were, obtained with multiple coaches that evidenced results comparable to published research - the implication is that it the strength / robustness of the CT process rather than any special quality of the therapist that produced such significant effects.