Autogenic Metaphor Therapy


Autogenic Metaphor Therapy(AMT) is an open source therapeutic body of work that combines NLP and other works of Metaphor developed independently. It offers a robust toolbox of discovery and insights to clients along with effective interventions.

 Autogenic Metaphors refer to naturally occurring idiom that occur within a person's experience which are usually beneath their conscious awareness but leaks out in spoken communication through idioms

You may be surprised to note that the author of the book "I is an other", James Geary states through his research that a human being speaks about six metaphors(through idiomatic expressions) every minute. Metaphors also occur in our dreams however we are unconscious of them excepting the startling ones. By focusing on the presenting issue and through well-crafted questions, the client's metaphoric landscape emerges to their conscious awareness presenting the MAP. Through this MAP the practitioner  decodes the contents and the translated information moves several units of information from the unconscious to conscious awareness resulting in bursts of insight and clarity resulting in a generative trance which facilitates a deeper, smoother & lasting change. For most people an AMT session is an extraordinary experience where they feel deeply understood by another human being.

This methodology also works well within couples, families and teams. The biggest advantage of this model is that you work content-free, i.e the client doesn't have to reveal the specific details of their problem. 

 A preview of AMT can be had by participating in "Navigating Inner MAPS" webinar.

Evolution of AMT

AMT is a function of collaboration, discovery and experimentation of several brilliant people almost all of them from the field of NLP. Krish has personally collaborated, worked and done several research and business projects with many of the people who have contributed to this field. As a NLP modeler,  he has modeled all the people involved in Metaphor work in person or through video and created an integrated model that takes the best of all the thought schools of metaphor available in the world. 

It started with the work of John Grinder and Arjun Hegde in the book "Leaves before the Wind" in Autogenic Metaphors. The work of David Grove that came about independently by far the most seminal in this field and his work being modeled by others including James Lawley & Penny Tomkins has captured his genius for posterity. The other major contribution comes from NLP Pioneer Charles Faulkner who has created the works of "Worlds within a Word", "Metaphors of Identity" and "Mythic Wheel" which brings NLP distinctions in the world of Metaphors. 

AMT Syllabus