Krish. Srikanth is a trainer, coach, consultant, NLP therapist and modeler. He has been professionally working right from the time he started his college education in the field of training & development.  He has been on his own quest to further his potential and support others to realise their potential after having a transformational experience at the age of 16 in a training program.

He has attended several hundred training programmes with various trainers all over the world in management, sales, marketing, finance, communication, people skills, accelerated learning technologies, Neuro-linguistic programming, systemic thinking, empowerment, personal development, alternative technologies, sustainable development & healing and continues to update himself constantly. The joke in his family is that if he is not doing a training, then he is attending a training!

As part of his deep interest in making learning & change fast, he has been involved in research & learning of accelerated learning technologies including NLP and is the co-inventor of TI-90 a methodology of teaching typing to a novice in just 90 minutes time.  He is currently researching, studying, contributing to the field of Autogenic Metaphor Therapy. 


He is a firm believer that the trainer is accountable for the transfer of knowledge and skills to the participant. He has done extensive training & research to establish Return on Investment measurements in organizations that he has consulted with in the past. His original pedagogical design to ensure measurable & reliable transfer of skills combined with research work and partnering of charities is adopted by training institutions both in India and abroad to great success and financial gain. 

Indian Sports

Krish has coached several of the leading sportspersons in India including members of the Indian Cricket Team such as Robin Uthappa, Dinesh Kaarthick and in the Indian Shooting Team members Rajyavardhan Rathore & Naveen Jindal. He has also taught at the MRF Pace Academy and at the Britannia Tennis Academy.

NLP Modeler

Krish is an accomplished NLP Modeler – with the ability to study geniuses & transfer those skills to others.  He did the language learning - first fluency modeling project and trained Indian Shooters under the guidance of Dr.John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP.  As an avid Modeler Krish continues to seek out geniuses or models of excellence and studies with them till he is able to replicate their capabilities. 

Management Consultant

As a consultant Krish has offered his expertise to several organisations and business. owners in several countries abroad including Australia, Singapore, Canada,U.S.A, U.K, Belgium, Switzerland, U.A.E, Japan & Germany. 

Business Family Consultant

As a niche consultant to large Indian business families in India and abroad Krish engages with them in family constitution work, succession planning, facilitating inter-generational understanding and mentoring of the next generation leaders. 


Krish has been a visiting faculty member to premier institutes in India having taught both international communication in IIM-B & Accelerated Learning skills in XLRI, Jamshedpur apart from having taught in several colleges and Universities in India.

Spiritual Advisor

Krish works as a spiritual advisor with the Association of Spiritual Integrity, a worldwide association to foster integrity and accountability with spiritual leaders, therapists and coaches. As a global traveler with 30 years of experience in spirituality, therapy, corporate training, new age teaching & publication he has developed the expertise to detect teachers who have fallen from grace and are blind to their shadow, institutions that have become cults or beginning to, and in prosecuting conmen & charlatans. He shares his knowledge and expertise with spiritual teachers and aspirants to save their time and effort on the spiritual path. 

Past Work

For a brief time during the turn of the last century Krish was an ardent crime fighter busting piracy rackets in South India for the Motion Picture Association of America.