Most people ask me why I don't offer the NLP Practitioner and  NLP Master Practitioner programs are.  My NLP practitioner program is 6-8 months long and not many are willing to spend that kind of time. In the past groups who are interested in education of that duration have approached me directly and it has been a joy sharing my knowledge with them. 

While I have mixed feelings about NLP practitioner programs that run for a few days, I do find some people doing good quality work with the limitations they have chosen to work with. Do ensure that you read the articles on 'Consumer guide to good training' and 'Which NLP certification is better' to help you decide who to learn with. 

Currently I am interested in teaching Transform your Self (NLP program on self esteem) and Autogenic Metaphor Therapy in my public workshops.

If there is a specific custom-made NLP program that you would like for your organisation or team please contact me directly